Sunday, April 15, 2018

BMW 318ti E36 Update (WIP)

Trying to get all the details modeled correctly on this car. 
Just finished adding the side mirrors.
Note the dual exhaust, E36 BMW models cannot ever have a twin exhaust system like this because the gasoline tank sits in the way, but I can still dream ^^. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Chinatown Alleyway Scene (WIP 25%)

Hand-modeling the ironwork for the gated doors in the alleyway scene.

Detail being added to the fire escape.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

MAC-10 Model

This is a model of a MAC-10 sub-machine gun that I recently finished modeling. It is still in high poly, the next step is to create a low poly model and then bake all the details from the high poly model on the low one. 

This model features an extended capacity magazine as well as a fabric front strap for grip. It also has a rear aperture sight with a front post, and has a detachable wire stock.  

Sunken City - Modular Building Set Piece

I designed this modular wall set piece to be used to create an entire building wall face. My original inspiration for the design was from the Bank of Italy in San Francisco. 
The Bank of Italy in SF where I got my inspiration from.

I then set out to create the building wall model to be modular in nature. Modular design in 3D art is mostly used in gaming because it helps save on the limited resources that game engines have. The process requires creating a set of pieces that all can fit together in multiple arrangements. This allows me to build an entire wall as you can see below. 

The texture for the modular wall set piece uses three extra texture maps on top of the diffuse, or color map of its main texture. The spec map gives a little reflectivity to the dirty glass widows. The normal map gives controls the smallest details on the wall, like the repeating crevice lines on the concrete. Lastly the ambient occlusion map adds the natural shadows to the assets that they cast on themselves.
The texture map for the wall piece.
Finally here is the set piece being used in the Sunken City level.

Roman Villa - Clay Vase Set Piece

Here is a up close look at one of the assets I created for my level, the Roman Villa. The clay vase was modeled in low poly and takes three different texture maps to create the fired clay look with a varying brown glaze that alternates between shiny and matte. The ambient occlusion provides an extra layer of realism by simulating the shadows that the vase naturally casts over itself.

Here is the vase being used as an ornate decoration on the table with other objects.

3D Environment Art Reel

Check out my 3D environment art reel from 2014. I created two game levels, one set in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco, and the other is a recreation of a set from the show Spartacus.